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Further reforms to the law of Compulsory Purchase, what lies behind them?

The law of compulsory purchase and compensation was introduced at the start of the industrial revolution to aid the construction of railways and canals. Until recently it had changed very little and many of the old statutes are still in force. Over the years there have been calls for root & branch reform and in … Continue Reading

Office to Residential Permitted Development Rights: Central London

The Mayor of London’s office has issued new Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on the Central London Activities Zone to help central London Boroughs avoid the office to residential permitted development rights, following the Government announcement that the current exemption in central London will end in May 2019. The Mayor’s office believe that valueable office space in the area … Continue Reading

Permitted Development Rights – April 2016 amendments (Mineral PD rights)

I blogged earlier this week about the changes to permitted development rights being brought in by the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) (Amendment) Order 2016. In that blog I reported on rights to enable further changes of use to dwellinghouses from offices, launderettes and light industrial uses. This blog considers the changes being … Continue Reading

Permitted Development Rights – April 2016 amendments (changes of use to dwellinghouses)

Amendments to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (“the 2015 Order”) were laid before Parliament at the end of last week. The amending Order can be viewed here and it comes into force on Wednesday, 6 April 2016. The amendments cover two main areas comprising further changes of use to … Continue Reading

Technical Consultation on Implementation of Planning Changes

On the 18th February 2016 DCLG published a 64 page “Technical Consultation on implementation of planning changes“.  The proposals relate to England only and the Consultation closes on 15 April 2016. The Consultation states that it is seeking: “..views on the proposed approach to implementation of measures in the Housing and Planning Bill, and some other planning … Continue Reading

Housing and Development Consent Orders

My blog post of 16 October summarised the main planning proposals in the Housing and Planning Bill as introduced in the House of Commons on 13 October 2015.  On 28 October the Government published a briefing note entitled “Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects and Housing”. This blog reviews the contents of that briefing note. Clause 107 of the Housing and Planning … Continue Reading

The Housing and Planning Bill

The Housing and Planning Bill was presented to Parliament for its first reading earlier this week (13th October 2015).  A date for the second reading, when the general principles of the Bill will be debated, has not yet been timetabled. The Bill is divided into 8 Parts: 1. New Homes in England 2. Rogue Landlords and … Continue Reading

Introduction of a permanent office to residential permitted development right

In a Statement issued on the 13th October, the Planning Minister, Brandon Lewis,  provided some much needed clarity regarding office to residential permitted development (“PD”) rights. At present the PD right enables: “Development consisting of a change of use of a building and any land within its curtilage from a use falling within Class B1(a) (offices) … Continue Reading

Fixing the Foundations – the productivity plan

On July 10th 2015, following the Summer Budget, the Government issued its productivity plan: “Fixing the foundations: creating a more prosperous nation”. In summary, HM Treasury and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills described the document as setting out: “….a 15-point plan that the government will put into action to boost the UK’s productivity growth, … Continue Reading

The Queen’s Speech 2015: Planning

The Queen’s Speech was delivered today, the 27th May 2015, at the State Opening of Parliament.  The Conservative Government have set out their agenda for this Parliamentary session including a total of 26 Bills.  The main issues of relevance to those of us working in planning are as follows: (i) Onshore Wind Farms and NSIPs The manifesto commitment … Continue Reading

Permitted Development Rights

After 22 amendments to The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, we finally have a new Order which consolidates all the amendments, as well as providing for some new changes. The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 comes into force on 15 April 2015. As well as consolidating the … Continue Reading

15 April 2015: a new Development Management Procedure Order comes into force in England – what are the changes?

The Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 (“the DMPO 2015”) was laid before Parliament on 24 March 2015 and comes into force on 15 April 2015.  It replaces the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010 (“the DMPO 2010”) and its various amendment orders. A copy of the … Continue Reading

The Budget 2015 – what does it mean for planning?

George Osborne, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, presented the Budget 2015 to the House of Commons earlier today, 18 March 2015. What does the Budget 2015 have to say in relation to changes to planning? Rather than providing a comprehensive list including Enterprise Zone changes, Housing Zones and details of the Board members for … Continue Reading

Planning Consultation updates – March 2015

In a written statement to Parliament on 5 March 2015 Brandon Lewis MP outlined further updates to the planning system being addressed by the Coalition Government. Three of the main issues noted in the written statement were the release of two Government responses to consultation and the announcement of a new consultation on changes to permitted development rights for … Continue Reading

The Infrastructure Act 2015: NSIPs, Conditions and Fracking

The Infrastructure Act 2015 received Royal Assent on 12 February 2015. It is a wide ranging Act in 8 Parts with 7 Schedules. I have focused on three areas of the Act: NSIP changes, Deemed discharge of planning conditions and Rights to access land for shale gas and oil extraction and geothermal energy. Part 5 is … Continue Reading